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kunst de vane.ii
blue pen ink smudges wrists chafing
seeping down and about into
the tainted visions of a rippling soul
(diamonds dipped into pool water)
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 5 3
glowing dim as an ember within 
the darkening edges of a ruby-nibbled heart 
chipped fingers twitched together, smoking away layers of frost
within the shimmering wasteland, till sunrise do they part
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 6 3
daisies trembled as the winds churned east
and the trees bowed their tangled masses
(feathers of light were settling) 
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 8 1
slathered across the sporadic sidewalks 
bourbon slashes of sunlight dart beneath and out of
cloud-shaped masks 
i saw the notebook papers fall into murky green depths
the weight of emeralds soaking down it's prose until 
nothingness, standing at the top of those concrete bridges
i could see the sunrise, scarlet strained under the weight of God
clutching the street lights with mud-glinted palms 
amber puddles raged down the roads, burning up the gutters 
seeing the notebook papers dissipate with the piss-stained ink 
i looked up at the oily night sky, and God smiled back 
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 4 1
archaically she arches, feathers glinting off of
rare pools of sunbeads captured at Mardis Gras
tinkling and tingling above her are chicken-earring bones 
drunkenly swaying from bourbon-tinted days
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 9 3
tail twitches over spine
and slobber splashes by waist
(the cracks of sunlight were distorted)
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 5 3
and all we were, were
dusty particles comparted together by fate
thrust to founder in the gleaming sunlight 
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 9 3
iridescently lies are poofed towards us 
shimmering under a gem-bruised night 
scrunched up in satin balls, we sat 
toying with the doll cups and playing house
towards rain-stained panes we looked out 
and stroked the ruby-blotted streets, smiles on hips
within, the gasping fruits beat out erratically 
(smiling the pearly visage) 
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 7 11
rosaries clatter between tea-strained fingertips 
within a lily-hollowed goblet of 
sins and secrets
(it was the poetry of God)
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 7 8
poet rant thing
let me die with my pearls
under the diamond-blighted night
where the darkened shadows overtake my pale form
and when we all collapse slowly, solidfied and altogether lonely
let me die with my pearls
they're all i have left of me 
let me die with the pearls
while black feathers fringe my braids
painting my nails the darkest of hues wasn't enough i
sit in classrooms American, falling sleeping under our flags
chugging down the painted glasses, sunshine looked too bright
in the fields of fog and the fields of grey 
soft creeksides make do for final beds 
holding up the black lilies to the grey sky 
i smile, because the dewdrops within it's throat are finally dark
designer dresses have been forgotten
lovers ceased to exist 
"hold me tight
within this fallen night"
the candy-wreathed are gone, my knights are gone
it is only me and my imagination and me
my imagination has driven me insane
glimmering and glittering with promises of "nozomi!" and others
i create and rec
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 3 8
the people painted white on worded canvasses
weave through our imagination, soul over symbol
with the intricacy of a Native knot and the intimacy of foregin sin
we hold cigarettes made out of smoke to our chapped lips
while stroking the silk-threaded pages
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 9 7
                                                                    vomitting out coke-soaked dreams and
regurgitating the same tireless bores 
my fingers curl over the branch-stricken stars 
while i inhale the concrete-covered smoke
my pinkie, bent and broken from erasures 
tracks the sun-striven path of airplanes 
the chiaroscuro pathways covered in ashes and moonlight
bloom under the defenestration of God 
little kids tend to sing "Comin' thro' the Rye" on their way to school
while spitting out the scarlet remnants of four-leaf clovers
sleeping in a pile of crumpled up school papers
and waking up to meet the stars and bars
by school windows i neatly blot out my ink-splattered glories
fastidious fingers are p
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 4 16
las mariposas
i measured out my life in coffee spoons
but that did not impress the bourgeoisie
stabbing at the pastel cakes
ladies with bright perms pass by in designer coats ooh la la-ing
in tissue-covered display cases i carefully place the diamonds
fingers tremble as i sticker on the rose lace ribbons
(boss told me it wasn't a game)
in dark coats i traipse the dead streets of Paris
seeing the tulip-sheared window sills, i laughed alone
"we are drunkenly dancing on the moonlight straits!"
"we are drunkenly dancing the moonlight straits!"
passing the room where women come and go
i patronize the whores playing piano, forgoing Michelangelo
in muffler and plaid, invisible i am
tiptoeing on the checkered bridges, heels wavering so and so
the moon has been dyed a bourbon yellow
eclipsed in the hollow fames of liquorice
(mother told me this wasn't a game)
the women who come and go, gossiping Michelangelo
today they are going to pay with emerald brooches
coiffed nails poised dramatically over
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 11 7
heart u
we passed each other in the rain
never looking and never smiling
in ink-soaked notebooks made plausible by hearts
feet are shuffled in the leaf-fluttered concrete
apologies are dead, tea is dead
there is only the apolostic-like reasoning that drives and motivates us all
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 3 13
what we stretched out to was nothing
but with fingers tinted black we stretched and stretched
until even the sunrise was blue with tears 
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 5 16
Traipse the violet-littered pathways
Swing on the rose-covered little gazeboes
Pretend life isn't ugly, for you and me 
We are all comprised up of tiny fibers
That sparkle like crystal-cut rainbows
So lead me through this dust-crippled night 
With God's paintbrush we dapple toes in sun-hit pools 
We're dancing on Venice's finest 
Curled fingers, high strapped dresses 
Nail polish drips into the ocean 
It was written on the concrete-slattered floors 
Spray painted on blood-red walls
In all the places we tended to ignore lay our doom
The sunlight kisses the cheeks of the corrupt
And leaves us fantasizers to rot, rot
i tried to warn you 
against a life without farce and gore 
i tried to warn you
against the ribbons that sway down pale fingers 
i tried to warn you
and you didn't listen 
(what comes next is your fault)

I was walking alone down the street one day 
Saw the beggared hom
:iconfantasylover103:fantasylover103 4 5
My art stuff. :p


Just for inspiration. :meow:

The one I'm gonna be doing is My 100 Themes Challenge List. :meow: 

Wish me luck! :la:

-Yuna :rose:
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